Waterton Canyon

Waterton Canyon in Littleton Colorado has recently opened back up this spring full time after some repairs had recently been made.  I took my boys out for a beautiful hike late that afternoon.  The hike is a very gradual climb through the canyon along the Platte River.  The constant sounds of running water and small Rapids really makes for a pleasant environment.

Although we were on foot several mountain bikers were also enjoying the canyon.  The canyon is managed by Denver Water (http://m.denverwater.org/Recreation/WatertonCanyon/).  Parking and entrance is free located on the east side of Waterton Road (Waterton Canyon Trailhead; 11300  Waterton Road; Littleton CO 80125)

Watch for wildlife as snakes frequently sun on the trail.  There is (or at least used to be) a motion sensor night camera in the canyon that would photo mountain lions and bears.  Be sure to bring a camera but remember to keep your distance from wildlife for their safety and yours.

We only made it about two of the six miles up the canyon as my 4 year olds little legs were requesting a return trip to the car.  There are however several rest stops along the way where you can picnic and enjoy the Colorado beauty.  We look forward to our next trip to Waterton Canyon.    

Please share any of your photos!


Hamilton Pool

Just west of Austin Texas is a beautiful oasis called Hamilton Pool.  From your vehicle there is a very pleasant 1/4 mile hike through the shade of trees.  The trail was slick in some places so watch your footing.  Also keep an eye out for wildlife.  My son and I stumble across a beautiful snake chilling on the stone steps of the path.

Once reaching the falls enjoy the background sounds of water falling from about 30 feet (if I had to guess).  The waterfall is quite loud.  My son and I enjoyed setting in the sun for a little while taking it all in.  

There is a trail that circles the pond and gains access to behind the falls (if you don’t mind getting a little wet).  There are a few tight squeezes and a pretty steep set of stairs to climb but nothing difficult.

The entry fee was $15 per vehicle, which seemed a little steep considering there were two trails closed for construction.  However in from out of state and wanting to get as much Austin as I could, the fee was gladly paid.  Typically swimming is allowed in the pool however at the time of our visit the bacteria level was too high.  May 7th would be the first open day for swimming, and reservations required after May 15th.

This location was quite the find and I recommend for anyone visiting Austin Texas!  Feel free to post your photos taken at Hamilton Pool or any other falls/natural pool you have visited.